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Now each and every science is developing and we are in the era of Globalization. Ayurveda is most ancient Medical Science providing Health Care to the Society. Shri J. G. Co-Operative Hospital Society Ghataprabha is a charitable co-operative society and a trust established in the year 1951, serving the Rural People with high quality Medical service and also providing Health services through Ayurveda, Nursing and providing other social services. Under the umbrella of the trust Shri J.G.C.H. Society’s Ayuvedic Medical College established in the year 1996-97 with all best available facilities as per the Central Council of Indian Medicine Norms, in a basic aim of quality education for students. All necessary equipment, facilities are given for Research work. The Institute provide excellent education tools to the students to compete with modern developing world.

As C.E.O of this Institute I heartly welcome all students to this charitable Institute and I hope your dream will materialize through our value and quality based education.

---- Dr B. K. H. Patil

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